CFA Rules and Regulations

CFA Constitution

Mandatory Requirements for All Clubs 

1.       A copy of its legally valid constitution and regulations, which complies with the requirements of the CFA Constitution
2.       A declaration that it will always comply with the Statutes, Regulations and decisions of FIFA, CONCACAF, CFU, TTFA and Central Football Association (CFA) and ensure that these are also respected by its own members, officials and players
3.       A declaration that it will comply with the Laws of the Game in force
4.       A declaration that it will not take matters of interpretation and application of the FIFA, CONCACAF, and Central Football Association (CFA) statutes, regulations, decisions and directives to Ordinary Courts, unless the FIFA, the CONCACAF, or the Central Football Association regulations provide for or stipulate recourse to Ordinary Courts
5.       A declaration that it recognizes the Arbitration Tribunal of Member Association and CAS, as specified in this Constitution
6.       A declaration that it is located within the geographical area allocated to the Central Football Association by the TTFA
7.       A declaration that it will play all official home matches in the territory of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
8.       A declaration to the effect that the legal composition of the applicant guarantees that it can make decisions independently of any external entity
9.       A list of Officials, specifying those who are authorized signatories with the right to enter into legally binding agreements with third parties
10.   A declaration that it undertakes to organize or participate in friendly matches only with the prior consent of Central Football Association
11.   A copy of the Minutes of its last General Meeting or constitutional meeting and a copy of its audited financial statements for the previous financial year.